Minimalist Kawaii Slave Choker – I Still Love You NYC
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  • Minimalist Kawaii Slave Choker - I Still Love You NYC
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  • Minimalist Kawaii Slave Choker - I Still Love You NYC
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Minimalist Kawaii Slave Choker

$ 35.00

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WOMG! R u excited?  We're sew excited!

Literally we came up with this and were like, YES. LIFE. LA-HIIIIIFE!

So obvies we are BEYOND to share the Minimalist Kawaii choker with you! This literally looks good with everything, & ON EVERY SKIN TONE!! The translucent iridescent color adapts to you. Always!

Iridescent Slave Choker: is individually heated and hand curved after a maj process of sanding and buffing to make sure the inside slides on and stays on comfortably.  Always SLIDE choker on for longest use!  


**Minimalist Kawaii Slave Choker Best Practices** 

Slide on and off, do not pull open!

The choker has been polished by hand, insuring a smooth glide onto place. There is no need to pull the back sides apart to slide it on.  We test all our products (thoroughly) and these chokers can take a beating.  For instance: a small, but strong, baby can pull it off your neck and it will survive. However say, getting on a 6am departure plane to Miami Art Basel, and having a hyphy dude sit down next to you, who proceeds to tell you he's been up all night waiting to get on the plane -  pull the choker off you all crazy, try to rip it onto his own neck and splits it in two. Both have happened. This is real life.


So what we're saying is: slide on and off for a really comfortable fit for a really long time.  If you're a dude or have a larger neck, let us know and we can make it a custom size.




All items made to order in Brooklyn NY



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