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Autumn Winter 2014 Lookbook



ISLYNYC invites you to take a trip back to high school where pizza parties and pom poms rule and zero fucks are given. So fingers crossed you get in, you may have to show your boobs. Or at least your boobs brooch.




I Still Love You NYC is a joyful exploration of the beauty inherent in tension. Formed at the intersection of synthetic, computerized mass-production and organic, small-scale craftsmanship, comes a style as experimental as it is wearable, as powerful as it is feminine and as daring as it is refined.

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For a limited time get your hands on some of the latest collection!  From our iconic Medallion earrings to charm necklaces and inlayed brooches, get all of your ISLYNYC desires fulfilled here!


Ward off evil spirits and keep all eyes on you when wearing this bad A laser cut acrylic necklace.  Adjustable; with engraved I Still Love You NYC drip tag.


Made in the USA


This statement necklace lets you tell everyone exactly what you're thinking in the most meme friendly way possible. Because what is better than the internet?


1" laser cut letters on brass chain 18" chain, drip tag

Made in the USA

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Ridiculously rad cat eye glasses. Dangle daisies sit behind ears, hold glasses on tightly, and mean you don't have to wear earrings!


Made in the USA